On Irish Fanta

Irish Fanta is fine but it’s more than a bit of a letdown once you’ve had Club Orange. … More On Irish Fanta


On Club Orange

I really believe that Club Orange from Ireland is the best widely available orange soda on the planet. The source of its divine deliciousness isn’t much of a mystery: it’s 11% orange fruit from concentrate. And it has real orange bits! … More On Club Orange

On Dutch Fanta

I have been wanting to try Dutch Fanta for at least a decade, maybe longer. For a while, it was my Holy Grail of beverages. On Friday in Amsterdam, I finally had the chance to drink from the aluminium chalice of Holland’s version of the Coca-Cola company’s primary orange soda product. In ~21 hours in Amsterdam (not 24, thanks to the aforementioned delayed flight), I tried it maybe six or seven times. What follows is my review. … More On Dutch Fanta

My Flight is Delayed

My flight is delayed.

I don’t mean that I am still waiting for my flight, which is what this phrase’s use usually suggests. The flight has already taken off, but once a flight is delayed, it continues to be so. Mine was delayed three hours: it left three hours late, will arrive in Amsterdam three hours late, and right now, in the air, is three hours behind where it should be, temporally. … More My Flight is Delayed