Downtown Los Angeles

Thursday, April 13, 2017: Los Angeles, California

Downtown Los Angeles has not the glamour of Hollywood, the pomp of Beverly Hills and Malibu, or the edge of Venice, but it has your big city skyscrapers and what feels to a humble Midwesterner like a hint of California cool. I spent a day and a night here en route to Coachella in 2017, sun(bur)ning myself on a hotel deck, riding a slide 1000 feet above the ground, and of course, bookshopping. … More Downtown Los Angeles

Everywhere is Cold

Monday, January 16, 2017: Salt Lake City, Utah

I went to Park City, Utah to meet some friends and learn to ski over MLK weekend. My flight out of Salt Lake City (the closest major airport) left Monday night, so I headed in to check out Salt Lake, a sparse city surrounded by breathtaking mountain views with grand Mormon monuments in its center. … More Everywhere is Cold

The Bruise on my Left Hip

Saturday, January 14-Monday, January 16, 2017: Park City, Utah

Over Martin Luther King weekend 2017, I tried learning to ski in Park City, Utah . Park City is a quaint old mining town above Salt Lake City centered around two sizable, connected ski resorts and a pleasant downtown area. The friends I joined for the quick trip were all moderate-to-good skiiers, and I am not, so I spent all Sunday in lessons and fell a lot. Below are reviews of the places I hit in Park City and the time I spent there. … More The Bruise on my Left Hip

It’s a Short Password and Weird but Okay

Tuesday, January 3, 2017: Rincón and San Juan, Puerto Rico

The last day of a wondeful trip to Puerto Rico spanned Rincón and Santurce, San Juan’s trendy artistic enclave. I did yoga poses, including the “downward-facing dude,” on the beach, drove a bunch, traded a very personal, generous gift for two probably mediocre books, and visited a coffee shop with a funny, questionably seasonal password. Below is a guide to escaping San Juan and some good places in Santurce and Rincón. … More It’s a Short Password and Weird but Okay

Everyone’s Clapping Again

Wednesday, December 28, 2016: San Juan, Loíza, Río Grande, and Luquillo, Puerto Rico

I decided to buy a ticket from New York to San Juan for a flight landing at 3:30am. The arrangement would allow me to sleep while travelling and enjoy a full day before picking up my friend and driving to Río Grande. It was a full, if depleting day, spent mostly guzzling PR-style coffees at Isla Verde’s lovely Panadería España. In the afternoon, we took a scenic drive to Piñones, a beach and food kiosk paradise and spent the evening at the peaceful Playas del Yunque. San Juan’s eastern neighbors aren’t the most exhilarating locales, but they make for good vacationing. … More Everyone’s Clapping Again