Who’s Paul?

Sunday, April 18, 2016: Casablanca, Morocco and Paris, France

3:00am – I wake up at an AirBnb apartment on a quiet street in Casablanca. All streets in Casablanca are quiet at 3:00am.

3:10am – I exit the shower. It is not as cleansing as a hammam shower and I am out of shampoo.

3:25am – My friends and I knock on the AirBnb host’s door, which is next door, as arranged.

3:32am – We are in the car of the owner’s son, Michael, who has offered to drive us to the airport at a very reasonable price. We do not know if the price is very reasonable. We also do not know how to hail a taxi in this neighborhood at this hour.

3:33am – Everyone is silent on the ride to the airport.

4:01am – We have arrived at the airport.

4:06am – There is a a conveyor belt at the entrance. The security official wants to screen my bag before I enter the airport.

4:07am – I have passed the screening.

4:10am – Where is check-in?

4:18am – It’s here.

4:19am – There are no available employees at check-in.

4:21am – I have found a kiosk to check myself in.

4:25am – I have figured out how to work the kiosk.

4:30am – The kiosk has granted me a boarding pass.

4:40am – From which terminal does my flight depart?

4:50am – I have made it through customs.

5:00am – I have made it through security.

5:09am – I have entered an airport cafe named Paul’s.

5:10am – I am trying to order some food and coffee. The employee is talking on his cell phone. He is ignoring me, and ignoring the other customers. His nametag says Paul. I don’t think he is Paul.

6:21am – Someone has taken my water bottle.

6:40am – I fall asleep sitting up.

7:17am – I am firmly planted in my seat on the plane. It departs in twenty-eight minutes.

8:38am – I have awakened. Breakfast and coffee are being served. Breakfast consists of various breads, pastries, and other bread derivatives. This airline sure likes bread.

11:27am – The plane has landed in Paris, ahead of schedule.

1:00pm – The train has arrived at Gare du Nord.

1:01pm – I am hungry. I would like a classic French pastry, maybe a croissant.

1:02pm – I search the train station for a bakery.

1:05pm – Here is Paul’s. The employees’ nametags say Paul. I order a croissant.


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