I Have Missed the Drink Service

This plane is going to Dublin. It left promptly from O’Hare and I promptly fell asleep. An indeterminate length of time later, I awoke, bleary eyed, to see a flight attendant standing over me, and because the music which has been playing in my headphones had stopped, I conveniently overheard her telling my seatmate that she wasn’t sure if there was a choice of food left. I registered a few things and worked backwards: she said that was no choice of food, which implied that there is food, and you didn’t have to make up your mind; my seat mate was ordering dinner; there were people eating; I have slept through dinner. I also saw people drinking. I had slept through the drink order. This trip is off to an auspicious start.

After I registered all those things, I asked the flight attendant if I could have dinner. She said yes but started collecting garbage. I don’t know if I’ll have dinner. At least I’ve solved the problem that plagued my youth in which I could barely sleep on a long flight.

Update: I got dinner and apologized for sleeping through it.

Weddings and planes are my two favorite restaurants in which to order food: I just pick which of two options I like more. Full menus, especially the fullest ones, send me spiraling into tense indecision. This plane was the best scenario of all: they just gave me some beef-based dish and it was pretty good.
After dinner, someone official announced that we might see the Northern Lights out the left side of the plane. I am seated on the right side of the plane. It’s sleeping time, and I can’t very well reach over some sleeping strangers to lift up their window covers and then crouch over them to see the aurora borealis. So I cannot see the northern lights. But my overhead light is stuck in the on position. I asked a flight attendant for help and she made fun of me and showed me the “off” setting. She got hers: that setting doesn’t work. That’s why I had to ask for help. It’s unclear at this time whether the light will turn off.

Update: It did. She went to the circuit breaker or whatever and permanently disabled it. Now I am definitely lightless.

“I know it seems hard sometimes, but remember one thing: through every dark night there’s a bright day. So no matter how hard it get, stick your chest out, keep your head up, and handle it.” – Tupac Shakur


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