On Club Orange

I really believe that Club Orange from Ireland is the best widely available orange soda on the planet. The source of its divine deliciousness isn’t much of a mystery: it’s 11% orange fruit from concentrate. And it has real orange bits! All the red 5s and yellow 6s and high fructose corn syrups and citric and ascorbic acids and natural and artificial flavors in the world can’t imitate, much less exceed, nature’s perfection. But you have to utilize the orange correctly, and Club Orange really, really does. Its color is like orangeade’s – a deep yellow that is almost actually orange, which is rare for juice-based orange sodas (fake-flavored orange sodas, i.e. US/Mexican, are very orange, but they’re also fake-colored). Its flavor is primarily sour with sweet as the secondary presence. The flavor is bold and identifiably orange. It’s not quite orange-juice-with-club-soda, due to the sugar (real sugar, hfcs, of course), but it’s not far off.The carbonation is powerful and lasting. Surely fizziness has a lot to do with temperature, age, altitude, storage, etc, but almost every Club Orange I’ve had has been at least adequately fizzy. The bottle I had today was purchased from a convenience store in Ballaghaderreen, and it was typically amazing. It was stored in a typical convenience store open-style refrigerated section. Those can be hit-or-miss for drinks’ temperature; this plastic bottle was cold enough if not icy. By the last sip, it was still pretty fizzy, and had not fizzled into excessively sweet sugar water like soda often can. I thoroughly enjoyed my Club Orange. I always do.


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