On Irish Fanta

Irish Fanta is fine but it’s more than a bit of a letdown once you’ve had Club Orange. Once you crack open a bottle of Irish Fanta (I had a plastic bottle with lunch on my way out of Dublin airport today), the fizziness is weak-to-gone by the middle of a sip. You don’t have the chance to experience the carbonation from lips to stomach. The color is fine, but the flavor is too sweet. There’s barely any tartness to balance out the sugar, and that excess sweetness turns into a real problem once the carbonation has dwindled before you’ve even finished swirling a sip. Without adequate fizz or sour to balance sweet, this is an imperfect cocktail. If you’re in Ireland, drink Club Orange. I’m sure Irish Fanta stacks up well against any Fanta except maybe Dutch, but it has the rare misfortune of a strong and widely available domestic competitor. Like always, the devil is in the details, one in particular: 7% orange juice and 1% “citrus extract” (a very Americanly mystery ingredient). with 3 or 4% less juice than Club, depending on how you categorize that extract, this head-to-head is a no-brainer.


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