Everywhere is Cold

Monday, January 16, 2017: Salt Lake City, Utah

I went to Park City, Utah to meet some friends and learn to ski over MLK weekend. My flight out of Salt Lake City (the closest major airport) left Monday night, so I headed in to check out Salt Lake, a sparse city surrounded by breathtaking mountain views with grand Mormon monuments in its center. … More Everywhere is Cold


The Bruise on my Left Hip

Saturday, January 14-Monday, January 16, 2017: Park City, Utah

Over Martin Luther King weekend 2017, I tried learning to ski in Park City, Utah . Park City is a quaint old mining town above Salt Lake City centered around two sizable, connected ski resorts and a pleasant downtown area. The friends I joined for the quick trip were all moderate-to-good skiiers, and I am not, so I spent all Sunday in lessons and fell a lot. Below are reviews of the places I hit in Park City and the time I spent there. … More The Bruise on my Left Hip

It’s a Short Password and Weird but Okay

Tuesday, January 3, 2017: Rincón and San Juan, Puerto Rico

The last day of a wondeful trip to Puerto Rico spanned Rincón and Santurce, San Juan’s trendy artistic enclave. I did yoga poses, including the “downward-facing dude,” on the beach, drove a bunch, traded a very personal, generous gift for two probably mediocre books, and visited a coffee shop with a funny, questionably seasonal password. Below is a guide to escaping San Juan and some good places in Santurce and Rincón. … More It’s a Short Password and Weird but Okay