On Irish Fanta

Irish Fanta is fine but it’s more than a bit of a letdown once you’ve had Club Orange. … More On Irish Fanta


On Club Orange

I really believe that Club Orange from Ireland is the best widely available orange soda on the planet. The source of its divine deliciousness isn’t much of a mystery: it’s 11% orange fruit from concentrate. And it has real orange bits! … More On Club Orange

Midnight Express

Saturday, October 9-Sunday, October 10, 2016: London, England

6:30pm – I am flying out of London Stansted tomorrow at 7:55am. Stansted is far away. As I plan out the morning, my friend Rubén suggests that maybe I should just go to the airport tonight: To get to there on time, I need to catch the Stansted Express from Liverpool Street by around 5, and the Tube doesn’t get me from his place to Liverpool Street at that hour. He indicates that while it’s not the ideal last night in London, if I get to Stansted early enough I can find a plastic couch and use my bag as a pillow and maybe it won’t be so bad. It doesn’t sound so bad. We decide that this will be the course of action. … More Midnight Express

Skating on Dayton Rims

Wednesday, June 1, 2016: Loíza and El Yunque, Puerto Rico

I slipped a fell twice in the rainforest on Wednesday and shattered my phone, but those literal and figurative blows were softened by the fact that I was in a rainforest for the first time. El Yunque is a beautiful National Forest in northeast Puerto Rico, replete with gushing waterfalls, swimmable pools, excellent hiking, a few crowds, and even a zipline park, all of which I had the opportunity to see. … More Skating on Dayton Rims